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Third Edition : updated and revised September 2007

The Code of Fair Practice was originally created by the Freelance Editorial Association, which merged with the Editorial Freelancers Association in 2000. The code, in defining ethical standards and contract guidelines for editorial freelancers and clients, helps freelancers negotiate agreements and promotes fair business practices.

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Chapter 1 deals with freelancers and clients: freelancer resources, the client-freelancer relationship, professional competence, and descriptions of types of freelance work.

Chapter 2 provides guidelines for fees: setting fees, project fees and hourly rates, renegotiating fees, billable time, reimbursable expenses, specific fees, payment schedules, and interest applied to overdue payment.

Chapter 3 gives guidelines for project terms: schedules and estimates, scope of work, location of work, subcontracting, and credit and complimentary copies.

Chapter 4 discusses contracts and disputes: documenting agreements and resolving conflicts. It also includes a contract checklist that can help when writing contracts.

Appendix A contains sample agreements between freelancers and clients.

Appendix B contains a sample invoice.

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