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The Freelancer

"Just wanted to pat you on the back for a great issue of The Freelancer. I really enjoyed (and found informative) this issue's features on the JobList and Infographic CVs, and Marie Shear's review of The Freelancer's Bible piqued my curiosity about both the book and the Freelancers Union. Loved Phyllis Stern's retrospective, too. It was such a pleasure to snuggle into my window seat on the commuter train this rainy morning, hot latte by my side, and crack open my hardcopy newsletter. Thanks for all the hard work on it!" -- Jodie Young

The EFA newsletter, The Freelancer, includes articles on freelance and communications issues, book and software reviews, columns on taxes and language usage, reports on EFA meetings and activities, letters from readers, and more. Seasoned with a little humor, it focuses on information of professional value to freelancers and is published bimonthly—in February, April, June, August, October, and December.

EFA members receive The Freelancer as a complimentary benefit.

The Freelancer is now available to members in electronic format as well as the traditional print version. Online archives begin with volume 26, number 3 (January–February 2002).

NOTE: Several Mac folks using FireFox report problems in viewing these pdf-format newsletters. Switching to Safari resolves the issue.

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