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Members on EFA Membership

The Job List

All of my clients in the past two years have come directly from EFA postings. — a member in Pennsylvania

Getting just one job from the list more than pays for years of subscribing to a source that presents potential jobs to me instead of my spending energy and time hunting for them. The new and mostly wonderful clients I have gotten from it were easily come by relative to those cultivated in other ways. I call it a terrific deal. — a member in Delaware

I responded to an ad and got a call the next day. The work involves proofreading and copyediting at $45 and $50 an hour, so I'm feeling very positive about the EFA Job List! — a member in New York City

I got one job which has more than paid for the EFA Job List subscription for years to come. That job has also given me a new client, who recently called me for more work. — a member in upstate New York

I keep track of the jobs I get through EFA referral, and my dues have been paid back almost tenfold in the year and a half I've been freelancing. — a member in Phoenix

I just wanted to let you know that I am in my second year with an increasingly lucrative and ongoing client for writing assignments who I got through the EFA Job List. It really works! — a member in Connecticut

The Membership Directory

The best and best-paying clients I've gotten in the past few years have been those who found me through the EFA membership directory. — a member in New York

My listing in the directory will cover the costs of my dues for, well, ever. I found several wonderful clients that way. More precisely, they found me. — a member in Indiana

I've gotten several jobs and two very steady clients through the EFA membership directory. I'm so glad to be a member of this organization—EFA has been a boon to my business. — a member in Indianapolis

I've gotten a steady stream of work from people who contacted me based on my listing in the EFA membership directory. — a member in New York City

The Discussion List

What a terrific group! I feel a bit like Robinson Crusoe finding a footprint in the sand—I'm not alone. — a member in New York City

Not only have you taught me a great deal, you have saved me from feeling completely isolated while transitioning from working in an office full of other editors to working alone at home all day. You are now my colleagues. — a member in Florida

It's been the great give-and-take of this list that keeps this Wisconsin member renewing her membership. — a member in Wisconsin

I learn so many things here, including things I didn't know I needed to know, and find great encouragement in responses to my posts and in discussions others are having. — a member in Illinois

I'm not quite sure how I used to get through some workdays without the benefit of the wisdom and experience of this group! — a member in Oregon

I continue to be impressed by the practical knowledge of this group, and people's willingness to share it. — a member in New York City

One thing I know for sure is that joining EFA was a good first move for me. I feel like I am part of a community now, and that is most encouraging for someone moving into new career territory. — a member in Pennsylvania

I feel fortunate that I can run things by such a great network of professionals. — a member in Ohio

At last I find a place where I can post a comment and know that the responses will be intelligent, friendly, constructive, and—not least—grammatically correct. — a member in Rhode Island

I value all of the wisdom shared on this list and am honored to be among such awesome colleagues. — a member in Iowa

You guys are the best and I depend on this group for sanity, laughs, education, networking, friendships. — a member in Indianapolis

I really appreciate your willingness to respond right away when a colleague sends a distress signal. — a member in New York City

How nice it is to be "surrounded" (if virtually) by people who actually do argue about the serial comma instead of looking at you like you're insane when you mention it. — a member in Massachusetts

Over the past several years, I have turned to this list for help and have never been disappointed. I've also avoided many different types of editing- and computer-related problems just by faithfully reading the list. — a member in New Jersey

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