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April 27, 2017 - 12:37 PM



Members: Board of Governors nominations due May 4!

Board Meeting Minutes

The EFA Board of Governors, in accordance with its bylaws, meets regularly on the first Wednesday of every month except July. These meetings are held at EFA's main offices but conducted by teleconference. A quorum consists of one half of the entire board. In the absence of a quorum, members can vote to approve amended minutes, to adjourn the meeting, or to effect any unofficial EFA business, such as votes of thanks and expressions of condolence. Board meetings are open to any EFA member, but attendance at board meetings does not confer board status.

Board meeting minutes are available to members in electronic format. Online archives begin with the September 2010 meeting.

NOTE: You must be an EFA member and logged in to the website to view board meeting minutes online.


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