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Central Massachusetts

Central Massachusetts Freelancers Network

Activities of EFA's Central MA chapter will be posted here. For additional information, contact Ellie Lin, chapter coordinator, at chap_mass AT the-efa.org. You must be an EFA member to join an EFA chapter. Chapter events are open to all members, guests of members, and freelancers interested in joining EFA.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017 (12:00 pm)


Previous Meetings

Your online presence

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Your online presence as a freelancer, including social media, website, etc. Please bring your laptop and a bag lunch.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Meeting June 6 at noon in the Saxe Room of the Worcester Main Library. The topic for this meeting will be discussing our marketing plans and resumes. Bring copies of your resume or other marketing materials if you are interested in group feedback. Bring your own lunch.

Networking and Planning Meeting

Monday, May 22, 2017

A brown-bag lunch meeting at the Banx Room of the Worcester Public Library. We will start with 30-second elevator pitches, and then discuss what we want to get out of the group and brainstorm speaker and meeting ideas for next year.

Your online presence

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Your online presence as a freelancer, including social media, website, etc. Please bring your laptop and a bag lunch.

Location: Clearly Coworking, 474 Grove Street, Worcester MA (room access requires descending a flight of stairs. If this is a problem for you, please contact me)

Speaker: Author Larry C. Kerpelman

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Larry C. Kerpelman will read from, and discuss, his recently published memoir Concrete Steps: Coming of Age in a Once-Big City. With Baltimore, immigration, helicopter parenting, and best ways to educate our children so much in the news, the book is a stimulating read. His memoir of growing up in Baltimore in the 1940s and 1950s provides a glimpse into the mind of an intellectually ambitious son of immigrant parents as he struggles with his family and within himself to attain independence. At times irreverent and breezy, at times thoughtful and provocative, Concrete Steps takes an unvarnished look at the gritty realities of urban life in mid-20th-century America. One advance reviewer praised it as ". . . a wonderfully charming and poignant coming-of-age story. . . . a testament to how deeply we are defined by family and the city we call home." His book will be available for sale and signing at the reading.

Networking and Planning Meeting

Saturday, September 17, 2016

This will be a networking and planning meeting. Please bring your ideas for guest speakers and/or topics.

Guest Speaker: Barbara Ingrassia, Certified Copyright Manager

Saturday, May 14, 2016

How many of these have you encountered in your work as an editor?

I found it on the Internet; it's the perfect photo. I just clicked on it.

What do you mean, Is it copyrighted? There's no © -- so it must be OK to use.

I give complete credit to the author. I'm sure that's enough.

I found this in a very old book; I think it's out of print. Besides, the author's dead, so I figured it's OK to use.

I tried to contact the copyright owner, but no response, so I think we're OK. Besides, no one will find out. I'm small; who would even care?

Barbara Ingrassia is a Certified Copyright Manager, Speaker and Trainer. She has a passion for raising awareness of the role of copyright in our daily lives. We are all Consumers and Creators of copyright-protected works, and understanding some copyright basics can help us avoid unpleasant surprises.

As president of Manage Copyright, she helps organizations navigate copyright law in the digital age by facilitating a review of their public presence, developing Best Practices, and training their staff. Ingrassia enjoys bringing some fun to a (potentially) dull topic. Join us as we explore the challenges of dealing with copyright in the digital age. (Bring your unbelievable stories.)

Barbara Ingrassia comes from an academic library background. She has studied the murkiness of copyright law with the Center for Intellectual Property at the University of Maryland, the Special Libraries Association, Duke University and the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School. She has facilitated workshops for various professional organizations both virtually and face-to-face.

Guest Speaker: Screenwriter Scott Anderson

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Scott Anderson has been teaching screenwriting since 1993, beginning at U Mass Lowell and currently at Emerson College where his "Business of Screenwriting" course was the first ever offered at the college level.

In addition he has lectured or offered seminars at the Boston Film & Video Foundation, the Atheneum in San Juan, PR, the West Hartford Public Library, U Mass Boston, U Mass Haverhill, Boston College, Assumption College and The Black Box Theater, Providence RI as well as area adult education programs.

For 14 years he was the director of The Harvard Square Scriptwriters (New England's oldest screenwriting group) and helped establish The Connecticut Screenwriter's Group at the West Hartford Public Library. He is currently the Creative Director for Johnston Media LLC, NY.

Job Skills Workshop

Saturday, January 23, 2016

We will work together to write our elevator pitches, value statements, and SWOT analysis.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Our guest speaker will be Sarah Cressy from the Assabet Valley Chamber of Commerce, leading a discussion on marketing.

Networking Meeting

Saturday, September 12, 2015

This will be a networking and planning meeting. Please bring your ideas for guest speakers and/or topics.

Writing (and Publishing!) Your Memoir, Presented by Nancy Shohet West

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Everyone has a story to tell, no matter what kind of life they have had, and there is simply no better way to preserve your personal stories, history, and heritage than in written form. Nancy Shohet West is a professional journalist, essayist, and blogger with a passion for helping people of all ages to write and self-publish their memoirs. Join in the conversation about memoir-writing: we'll talk about who does it and why, what to include, how to shape your story, and how to get it into print for your friends and family to treasure. To learn more about Nancy's approach to memoir writing, go to www.NancyShohetWest.com/memoirs.

Guest speaker: Journalist Andrea Cleghorn

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Andrea Cleghorn is a garden-variety journalist with experience in travel writing and book reviewing at several newspapers and magazines. She has written books about the women of Rosie's Place, the history of a small New England town, and a young woman's flight from Castro's Cuba.

Andrea's latest venture is a collection of essays making up a non-fiction book, The Whipple Brunch. Andrea will read excerpts from her book, tell stories that couldn't be put in print, and events leading up to the decision to self-publish. Andrea's website is www.andreacleghorn.com.

Summer Writing Workshops

Saturday, January 31, 2015

EFA member Serena Howlett will lead our meeting. Serena is a freelance editor with a professional background as a lawyer and health policy writer. On a chilly January morning she will take publishing group members and guests on a coast-to-coast tour of summer writing workshops in beautiful locations with prize-winning faculty and aspiring writers in various genres, all guaranteed to be memorable experiences. Following the workshop tour, there will be a discussion about the benefits of sharing rough drafts and story ideas and working with an editor.

Guest speaker: Paul David Callahan

Saturday, November 8, 2014

P. D. Callahan lives in Carlisle, MA and has published several short works in literary magazines. Door in Dark Water, the story of his years in Maine working as a commercial fisherman, is his first book. Paul will discuss his writing and the publishing process. To learn more about the book, please visit Paul's website doorindarkwater.com.

Guest speaker: Linda Spencer

Saturday, September 13, 2014

EFA member Linda Spencer will talk about her recently published book, "Writing Well in the 21st Century: The Five Essentials." The book provides students, career-builders, and anyone who writes with the basic elements needed for writing in the 21st century. It fully explains and links the five essentials of good writing: punctuation, grammar, fact-checking, style, and voice.

Linda Spencer is a freelance writer and editor of textbooks in social studies and language arts. She has taught editing classes in continuing education programs for over fifteen years at various schools including the Middlesex Community College. This is her third book.

The Changing World of Publishing

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our meeting will be facilitated by Maynard resident Sarah Ambrose, who works for a major publishing company in Boston. In the past 20+ years, Sarah has worked in three different divisions of the core business and has recently taken another new role in the company. She will talk about the publishing world from an insider's point of view and will lead a discussion on the changing world of publishing.

Submitting Effective Book Proposals to Publishers

Saturday, March 1, 2014

EFA member and guest speaker Brad Gray will discuss how to submit effective book proposals to publishers. Topics covered will be analyzing the market for your book, finding the right publisher, writing the cover letter, deciding what materials to include in the submission package, positioning your book against the competition, convincing a publisher that there is a need for your book and that it will sell, and other topics.

Brad Gray received his M.A. degree in English from the University of Iowa before embarking on a twenty-five year career as an acquisitions editor at Little, Brown, Butterworth-Heinemann, and several other nationally prominent publishing houses. Currently a freelance editor and writer working out of his home, he lives in Boxborough where he edits the Annual Town Report and serves as a consulting editor for the Boxborough Conservation Trust�s newsletter, Common Ground.

Central MA Meeting

Saturday, February 1, 2014

This will be a networking and planning meeting. Please bring your ideas for 2014 guest speakers and/or topics.

Meet Technology Guru, Charlie Hoover

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Charlie Hoover has been roaming the Boston area for over a decade now helping people from all walks of life with their technology needs. At BTC he specializes in teaching and troubleshooting everything from PCs and Macs to Smartphones and Servers. Boston TechCollective (BTC) is a worker-owned cooperative offering tech-support to homes and businesses around the greater Boston area. Their shop is near Davis Square in Somerville.

Topic: Networking (Facilitator: Barbara Donohue)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Freelance tech writer and journalist Barbara Donohue (www.the-engineer-who-writes.com) turns technology into English for companies and publications, covering many disciplines, including, analytical instruments, medical devices, machining, and wastewater. She started her working life as a mechanical engineer, made the switch to word-working in 1993, and has been freelancing full time since 2005.

Lately Barbara has increased her use of networking – the good kind, which helps everyone involved – and she looks forward to swapping stories and ideas with freelancers and others interested in the publishing industry.

Guest speaker: Tim Rosa

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Being Ahead of the Curve: Staying Relevant in Today’s Freelance Marketplace

Today's business environment has many challenges for editorial freelancers: local and global competition for our services; the depressed economy pushing down rates; stringent legal requirements for independent contractors; staying current with the latest technologies; marketing your services in the world catapulted by social media. How do you stay competitive and relevant given all these pressures? Where do you spend your time for maximum benefit? What is the future for editorial freelancers?

Tim Rosa, President and CEO of TRA360, will explore these issues in our meeting on May 11. Tim will discuss these questions in an engaging, interactive, and dynamic format. TRA360 is a full-circle communications company founded in 1991 and years, specializing in the fields of technology, life sciences, and cleantech. The company works with customers from emerging start-ups to the Global Fortune 500. TRA360 has five integrated practices covering documentation and training, regulatory and medical writing, and marketing strategy and communications. Find out more at www.TRA360.com.

Networking Meeting

Saturday, March 9, 2013

This will be a networking meeting and you will have the opportunity to suggest guest speakers and topics for future meetings.

Guest Speaker: Andrew Goldstein

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Andrew Goldstein had his first novel, The Bookie's Son, published in May, 2012. In September he also became a publisher.

Andrew Goldstein was born in the Bronx, married young, had a nonfiction book published in his early twenties, and had children in his thirties. He was a writer, tree planter, assistant school librarian, organic orange and olive farmer, school bus driver, Zamboni driver, editor, tennis pro, stock broker, power transformer tube winder and custom builder.

He says, "I'm going to talk about how I've run a very successful custom building company for 32 years , but have little of the skill set normally associated with running a successful company. The few skills I bring to the business were learned when I was 10 years old taking bets for my father."

Guest speaker: Judith Dickerman-Nelson

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vermont author Judith Dickerman-Nelson will discuss the publication of her book, Believe in Me: A Teen Mom's Story.

Judith Dickerman-Nelson received her BA in English from Umass Lowell and her MFA from Emerson College. She has taught writing at both the high school and college level and has attended Bread Loaf Writer's Conference and the Vermont Studio Center. For fifteen years, she worked at the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association in Lowell, Massachusetts where her love for the Cambodian community grew. She has traveled to Cambodia, studied and performed traditional Cambodian dance, and begun to learn the Khmer language.

Her poetry and prose has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, and Spirits Dancing Into Light, her first book of poetry, was recently published by Loom Press. Her memoir/novel, Believe in Me: A Teen Mom's Story, was published by Jefferson Park Press this year. Judith was a teen mom at age seventeen, and the book looks back at that time and the challenges she faced.

She lives in southern Vermont with her husband, Bill, and has two grown sons.

Guest speaker: Ali Hosseini

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ali Hosseini will talk about writing fiction and his experiences in pursuing publication and finding an agent and publisher. His novel The Lemon Grove is published by Northwestern University Press and was released in July. The author will do a brief reading and will have copies of the book available for purchase.

Book description from Amazon.com: "Identical twins Ruzbeh and Behruz are at the center of Ali Hosseini's debut novel in English--a story about love, redemption, and the courage to survive in the face of calamity and loss. The novel begins in the small town in southern Iran where the boys were raised and in their summer home which is surrounded by a lemon grove. Their idyll is shattered by personal and geopolitical events. Both boys fall in love with Shireen, a childhood friend. Behruz goes to America to escape the pain of competing for Shireen's affections. Ruzbeh fights in the Iran/Iraq war and ends up alone and wandering the streets. When Behruz returns to Iran to help his shell-shocked brother, he finds the country devastated by revolution and war. His return sets off a string of events that change all their lives."

Building a Platform to Support & Expand Your Business

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ralph Fuller will facilitate this follow-up meeting to David Mark's March meeting on writing for trade magazines. We will collaborate on how to build a comprehensive platform to make our skills and experience more visible. This will be a highly interactive, participatory meeting in which we will share ideas to market our freelance businesses.

Writing for Trade Magazines

Saturday, March 24, 2012

David Mark will lead a discussion about freelancing for trade magazines. Mark has been publishing since he started a consulting business in 2004.

David A. Mark, Ph.D., is President of dmark consulting LLC, a firm specializing in science management services for the functional food, food ingredient, dietary supplement and performance nutrition industries. His consulting scope includes polyphenols (flavonoids) and various health conditions, supplements in general for osteoarthritis, and the effects of nutrition and supplementation on the aging process. He has published more than 30 articles in trade and health magazines, and spoken at numerous conferences.

David earned a Doctorate in Nutritional Biochemistry & Metabolism from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His published work includes articles in the Journal of Nutrition and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

From 2000-2004 David was the Manager of Health & Nutrition R&D for Welch Foods Inc, Concord, MA. His responsibilities included identifying and developing proof for functional food health claims for Welch's grape juice products.

While with Monsanto, Nutrition Division from 1997-2000, David was a clinical trial project leader on a project developing phytosterols and phytostanols as dietary supplements. He continues to advise companies on cholesterol-lowering agents and other heart-healthy foods and supplement ingredients.

Prior to Monsanto, David was a Project Leader with Nestle Clinical Nutrition from 1988-1997. He brought over 20 new medical nutrition products to market--eight of which are still in production more than 15 years later--and was co-inventor on 14 U.S. patents.

Why Social Media Is Good for You

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guest speaker: Randall Warniers

Like it or not, social media is here to stay, and as invaluable as television. It has become a fundamental form of communication, allowing us to reach more people more quickly than ever before. Many of us, however, resist using social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter. These new applications can feel confusing, or superficial, or invasive. How can we become more comfortable with social media, and use it effectively? This interactive presentation will examine the components of social media and discuss ways to make it more powerful, useful and appealing.

Randall Warniers is an editor, writer, book designer, and photographer. He spent nearly two decades in the world of publishing as managing editor of a research journal at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Currently he is working as a freelance editor and designer on multiple book projects. He is also an instructor in photography at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education and at the MIT Media Lab.

Guest Speaker: Author/Engineer Franz Busse

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Franz Busse will lead a discussion titled: "Telling the Truth: Perspectives of an Engineer and Author." He will talk about his experience in writing and publishing his novel. In that context, he will explore the differences and similarities in sharing truth in two very different fields: science and fantasy literature. "A good fantasy novel and a mathematical equation are not as different as you might think," Franz claims. Come and find out why.

Franz Busse recently published King's Fall, an epic fantasy novel about the power of truth, set in a story of adventure, intrigue, and romance (see more at http://busse.tateauthor.com). He has always been an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction, and has been making up stories for many years. This creative side complements his professional background as an engineer. He received his B.S. from MIT in 1995, and his M.S. (1998) and Ph.D. (2003) from Stanford University. All of his degrees are in aerospace engineering. He is currently employed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he works on technology for national security. Franz is also an active member of his church community, serving in a variety of volunteer positions ranging from Sunday school teacher to ecclesiastical leader of a congregation. He is happily married to Margaret Woolley Busse, and the father of four children. They live in Acton, MA.

Digital Publishing

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our guest speaker will be Vernon Marchal, Managing Producer of the Harvard Business Review Group at Harvard Business Publishing (harvardbusiness.org). HBRG publishes Harvard Business Review magazine as well as a variety of print books and digital content.

Vernon's focus is on digital content, and his responsibilities include multimedia, interactive media, social media, web production, content management, digital asset management and web analytics.

Vernon participates in content production for web sites, social media platforms, apps, e-books, mobile platforms and 3rd party syndication. He works with most parts of the business, including editorial, design, marketing, communications, ad sales, e-commerce and product development.

Vernon lives in Concord with his wife Maria and dogs Kipper and Heidi. He holds a BA in liberal arts from the University of Notre Dame ('85), a JD from SUNY Buffalo School of Law ('88), and a certificate in Administration and Management from the Harvard Extension School ('96). Prior to pursuing a career in digital media, Vernon was a public defender in Manhattan for 7 years.

Join us for the first meeting of the 2011/2012 season!

Guest Speaker: Beverly Lessard

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stow resident (and former resident of both Acton and Boxboro) Beverly Lessard has released a new book, entitled Relentlessly Upbeat, which chronicles her experiences in love, life and grand-motherhood.

The collection of pieces, most of which have been previously published as columns in local newspaper The Beacon, reflect Lessard's down-to-Earth look at life as a hippie-turned-Baby-Boomer-turned-grandmother, and now the 61-year old "Gramma" to nine is hitting the local bookstore and library circuit to promote her publication.

"It's been an amazing experience and the feedback has been fantastic. Everyone seems to have a different favorite story that hits them where they live,"Lessard said. "I am looking forward to writing the sequel!"

The 174-page book is a product of CreateSpace.com, a service available through Amazon.com that allows authors to write, edit and publish their own work. The book is available through Amazon.com and through private book-signings and readings.

At our June 4th meeting Beverly will discuss her literary journey from her early days of writing, to getting a column to publishing her first book.

Focus on Marketing

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Graphic designer and illustrator Janet O'Keefe (www.janetokeefedesign.com) will show how to develop a graphic theme that presents a unified look for business cards, web site, letterhead and other visual materials. Bring your current business card and Janet can give you design feedback and suggestions to help you convey the message you want.

Janet has more than 20 years experience in many aspects of illustration and graphic design, including technical illustration, book design, packaging design, children's book illustration, and cartooning.

RESCHEDULED: Speed Networking

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Topic: Speed Networking

Speed Networking is networking with a twist. It is a fast-paced, entertaining opportunity to meet a large number of other business professionals in a short period of time. You will meet more people, make more contacts, increase your potential referral sources, and generate more business ideas than you ever thought you could from one networking event.

You will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and pitch your business to each of the other participants, add contacts to your referral base, and lay the foundation for building more business relationships with the people you meet.

During timed periods of just a minute or two, you will meet with each person at the event. The purpose of this speed networking event is not to find out everything you can about the other person, but rather to make connections you can further explore and build upon.

Remember, this is a networking event! Networking is about making contacts, not making a sale! It's all about developing a strong referral base by developing relationships with a variety of people, even those with whom you may not appear to have anything in common. And this speed networking event is an opportunity to make those first connections.

To get the most out of this event, come prepared with your "Elevator Speech." In the days before the event, be sure to practice your elevator speech. Because this is speed networking event, things will be moving quickly, so keep your elevator speech to 15 seconds to leave time for a question or two.

Include in your elevator speech:

- Introduction - Give your name and business name - Brief description of your business - specific products or services - Value/benefit of your products or services - Who your clients are

Be sure to bring the following:

- A good supply of business cards - 2 business card cases (one for your cards; one for the cards you collect) - Pen (one you don't mind losing - good idea to bring a couple) - Notepaper/pad/note cards (to take notes about the people with whom you are meeting) - Appointment book (to schedule follow up appointments)

Keep in mind that this speed networking exercise is only the beginning. Effective networking is all about building relationships, so be sure to follow up with the people you meet at this event. Schedule appointments with each person to become better acquainted and learn how you can help each other grow your businesses. The relationships you begin cultivating at this event can become the basis of a successful business by referral.

So join us for an event that promises to be an effective way to increase your network, and have a lot of fun while doing it. The meeting will be facilitated by Barbara Donahue and Jean Jesensky.

Jean Jesensky is sole proprietor of Endswell Indexing, specializing in back-of-the-book indexing, business documentation indexing (print and online), and web A-Z hyperlinked indexing. She is also an experienced networker.

Freelance writer and former mechanical engineer Barbara Donohue turns technology into English for companies and publications that need complex material made understandable. Barbara has been published in a wide variety of trade magazines and has recently started writing for Worcester Business Journal.

The Literary Agent's Role in Publishing

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Guest speaker: Colleen Mohyde of Doe Coover (www.doecooveragency.com)

Are you curious about the publishing process, and perhaps have a book you hope to publish? Bring your questions to this informative meeting facilitated by a literary agent.

Colleen Mohyde has been a partner in the Doe Coover Agency in Boston for eighteen years where she represents an eclectic range of fiction and nonfiction. Her authors include the late Caroline Knapp, author of the bestselling memoirs, Drinking: A Love Story and Pack of Two; Suzanne Berne, author of The Ghost at the Table and winner of the 1999 Orange Prize for Fiction; and Marjorie Sandor, whose story collection, Portrait of My Mother Who Posed Nude in Wartime, won the National Jewish Book Award in Fiction in December 2004. Mohyde's nonfiction authors include Tasha Tudor, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Eileen McNamara, political writer Michael Berube, and comedians Jonathan Katz, and Paula Poundstone. She also represents PBS related books, including the companion volume to the show, "The Victory Garden." Books being published this fall that she represents include: Knowing Jesse: A Mother's Story of Grief, Grace, and Everyday Bliss by Marianne Leone; Missing Lucile: The Story of My Father's Mother by Suzanne Berne; and Euphemania by Ralph Keyes.

Prior to becoming an agent, Mohyde was an editor in the Trade Division of Little, Brown and company where she worked in a variety of areas including history. biography, literary and commercial fiction, mysteries, nature guides, cookbooks, and self-help.

Mohyde is particularly looking to work with narrative nonfiction, history and biography, popular science, business and finance, how-to and self-help, politics and current affairs, and books on music and popular culture. Most of all, "I am looking for strong voices I can help bring to a wider audience, and subjects I didn't even know I was interested in until a wonderful manuscript gets me so involved I can't put it down."


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Facilitator: Linda Spencer, Copyeditor and Instructor

Linda will discuss the impact technology is having on language usage in the 21st century, including a very brief history of English grammar, and the ever evolving nature of American English. She will include a discussion of the changes in publishing in the digital age and where copyediting/editing fits into the digital age. Then the meeting will be open for discussion and questions.

In her business, Spencer Editorial, Linda currently works as a writer/copyeditor in K-16 textbooks, ancillaries, and reference books in multicultural history, in addition to copyediting some trade books. She also teaches copyediting at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education and the Middlesex Community College.

Linda has held various staff positions including the managing editor of Scribner, E.P. Dutton, and Adams Media and Senior Editor of Yankee Books (when it was located in Camden, Maine) and copyeditor at Fortune magazine.

Linda is the author of a history text, The War at Home: Japan During World War II, published by Thomson/Gale and a humorous collection of superstitions, Knock on Wood, published by Rutledge Hill and Random House. She is also a contributor to the African American Biography project, Du Bois Institute, Harvard University.

Forensics and Investigations: Going from Public Service to Private Business

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Come hear how two local residents transitioned from solving crimes in the public sector to applying forensics and investigative techniques in the private sector.

Mary Kate McGilvray recently retired from the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) Crime Laboratory where she served as a forensic scientist for nearly 22 years. In 2007, she was appointed to the position of Acting Director and was responsible for over 200 sworn and civilian forensic examiners who were assigned to nine separate forensic facilities throughout the state. She is currently the president of Quality Forensic and Investigative Services, LLC, providing consulting and other forensic services.

Tom McGilvray retired from the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) as a Major in 2007. Upon retirement, Tom founded Quality Forensic and Investigative Services, LLC (QFIS). QFIS provides services that include consulting, training, auditing, inspections and investigations. Additionally, Tom provides contracting services both nationally and internationally to Comprehensive Drug Testing Inc. which is responsible for the drug testing program for Major League Sports teams.

Topic -- Contractors? Or Employees?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whether you are hiring contractors or working as a sub-contractor, you'll want to know the rules. In Massachusetts, the rules are tougher -- and the penalties harsher -- for misclassification of workers as contractors instead of as employees. It is cheaper and easier to classify workers as contractors rather than employees.

For contractors, Employers don't have to withhold taxes, contribute to unemployment compensation, or provide worker's compensation or other benefits (such as health insurance). For employees, Employers incur tax and compliance costs that can put them at a significant cost disadvantage when competing against companies that don't play by the rules. The Massachusetts Attorney General's Office has published an "advisory" to provide guidance concerning enforcement of the Massachusetts Independent Contractor Law, M.G.L. c. 149, s. 148B.

About our speaker, Jean Sifleet, Business Attorney

Jean is a business attorney, CPA and three-time entrepreneur. As many of you know from experience, doing business is legally complicated. You have to deal with a broad spectrum of legal issues including: negotiating contracts, setting rates, protecting copyrights, trademarks, licensing, subcontractors, employees, leases, non-competes, partnership agreements, and business disputes.

Jean will share some key tips about avoiding legal pitfalls. Then, you get to Ask the Business Attorney your questions!

Jean is a graduate of Ohio University’s College of Business and Boston University School of Law. She is the founder of the Business Practice Group a law firm serving privately held companies. With over 30 years of business experience and numerous publications including “SmartFast®-- Running Your Business & Staying Out of Trouble” and “Advantage IP – Profit from Your Great Ideas” – Jean has a wealth of practical information to share with us. For more background, Jean’s website is www.smartfast.com.

Central MA Chapter Meeting

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The meeting will be facilitated by Tim Rosa, who founded Tim Rosa Associates (www.timrosaassociates.com) in 1991 and has led the company since its inception. Starting as an individual technical writer, TRA has grown into a specialized communications company with documentation, training, marketing, and regulatory practices.

TRA's customers include leading technology and life sciences companies worldwide such as BlackBerry, EMC, Ahura Scientific, Bayer, Pfizer, and Millennium Pharmaceuticals. The TRA network spans diverse talent: writers, editors, web producers, videographers, bloggers, creative, and courseware developers are all on the TRA team. Prior to founding the company, Tim worked for a decade in technical publishing with Number Nine Visual Technology, Genetics Institute, Course Technology, Babson College, and Little, Brown and Company.

Speed Networking

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 10:30, Randall Library, Stow, MA

Topic: Speed Networking
Speed Networking is networking with a twist. It is a fast-paced, entertaining opportunity to meet a large number of other business professionals in a short period of time. You will meet more people, make more contacts, increase your potential referral sources, and generate more business ideas than you ever thought you could from one networking event.

You will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and to pitch your business to each of the other participants, add contacts to your referral base, and lay the foundation for building more business relationships with the people you meet at this event.

During timed periods of just a few minutes, you will meet with each person. When the time is up, you move on to the next person. Think of this event as a way to connect with each and every person you have the opportunity to meet for that few-minute period. It's all about developing a strong referral base, so the goal is to develop relationships with a variety of people, even those with whom you may not appear to have anything in common.

To get the most out of this event, come prepared with your "Elevator Speech" and your Networking Tool Kit.

Elevator Speech:
In the days before the event, be sure to practice your "Elevator Speech" - a 30 to 60 second commercial or pitch of your business.

Remember, a good elevator speech consists of the following components:

Networking Took Kit: Keep in mind that this speed networking exercise is only the beginning. Effective networking is all about building relationships, so be sure to follow up with each of the people you meet at this event. Schedule appointments with each person to become better acquainted and to learn about each others needs and how you can help each other grow your businesses. The relationships you begin cultivating today can become the basis of a successful business by referral.

The meeting will be facilitated by Jean Jesensky, sole proprietor of Endswell Indexing (endswellindexing.tripod.com), specializing in back-of-the-book indexing and A-Z hyperlinked web indexing.

Editorial Freelancer = Business Professional

Saturday, June 27, 2009

10:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., Randall Library, 19 Crescent St., Stow, MA

Whether you're a writer, editor or indexer, you wield your professional talents every day.

But how often do you think strategically about your business -- about networking and marketing, establishing an effective Web presence, tracking finances, and maintaining an efficient work space? Whether you're a seasoned or brand-new freelancer, you can deepen your business consciousness, and we'll use this meeting to get started.

We'll explore a list of resources and brainstorm a next step in cultivating our business presence.

Melony Swasey, owner of OnPoint Editing (www.onpointediting.com), is a freelance editor of nonfiction.

This meeting is open to EFA members and non-members, freelancers, and anyone interested in publishing. For more information, call Eileen Kramer at 978-897-4121 or send email to kramer@tiac.net.

Developing a Fact Sheet to Market Your Skills

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The meeting will be facilitated by Ralph Fuller (www.ralphfuller.com), a local writer, editor, and marketing consultant. Ralph will lead us in a workshop on developing a Fact Sheet to replace or accompany our resumes. Please bring a copy of your resume to the meeting so you will be prepared to create a new marketing tool for your publishing skills.

This meeting is open to EFA members and non-members, freelancers, and anyone interested in publishing. For more information, call Eileen Kramer at 978-897-4121 or send email to kramer@tiac.net.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Next meeting will be in January. Check back for more info.

Networking Meeting

Saturday, December 6, 2008

This will be a follow-up of the September meeting when we discussed freelance opportunities and marketing strategies. The December meeting will be led by long-time EFA member, Barbara Donohue, who has been a freelance writer for over three years.

Resume Writing, Interviewing, Chair Yoga

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Betsy Dalton, a recruiter at Clear Point Consultants (www.clearpnt.com) looks forward to meeting everyone at the EFA Central Massachusetts Chapter Meeting on September 13. Betsy will speak about resume writing, interviewing, and chair yoga for office workers. Chapter members with specific questions on these topics are welcome and encouraged to forward their questions in advance, so she can be prepared to address them (Betsy@clearpnt.com).

Betsy Dalton joined Clear Point in the summer of 2004 bringing over 20 years experience in high-tech sales and customer support. Betsy started the inside sales group at Progress Software, was a customer support rep and manager at Genesys, and worked in several high- tech start-ups. She loves to work with and help people, to solve problems and to make a difference. At Clear Point she brings all this experience to bear in all her candidate and client relations.

In addition to recruiting, Betsy teaches yoga on a regular basis on the North Shore and is known for her excellent Slow Power classes which are usually full to capacity. She loves to guide her students through their individual practices. When there's time, Betsy teaches horseback riding, a lifelong passion. She has a family, two rescue dogs from New Orleans, a cat, and a frog.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Central Massachusetts chapter is hosting a joint meeting with the New England Chapter of the American Society for Indexing (NEASI). Information about both organizations will be presented, followed by a facilitated discussion about networking to build a successful business.

Come join us for an evening of networking with fellow freelancers working in the areas of editing, indexing, writing, proofreading, and other publishing-related professions. Share your networking ideas, tips, strategies, resources, experiences, and yes, even your networking fears!

IT Needs of the Small Business

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Guest speaker Tim Resker, sales and business development director of The Computer Guys [www.thecomputerguys.com] discussed emerging trends in technology with an emphasis on the publishing world.

Increasing Your Client List

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Writing Books to Build Credibility, Visibility, or Your Business

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Local Writers Read Selections from Their Work

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Freelance Indexing

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Heather Hedden, president of the New England Chapter of the American Society of Indexers, will talk about the field of freelance book indexing. Topics included options for training in indexing, software available for indexing, the market for and marketing of freelance indexing services, and resources on indexing. The emphasis was on indexes at the back of nonfiction books, but periodical and web indexing were also mentioned. Through her business Hedden Information Management (www.hedden-information.com), Heather offers freelance services in indexing books, creating web site A-Z indexes, and developing corporate taxonomies. She also teaches an online workshop in Creating Web Site Indexes through the continuing education program of Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science. Heather previously worked as a periodical database indexer at the Gale Group and has also done some freelance writing of reference book essays and periodical articles.

New England Writers Guild

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

For over twelve years, Glenda Baker has been the publisher and editor-in-chief of NEWN, a quarterly publication for writers devoted to helping new writers get published and to teaching through content and example. She is owner of The Write Way through which she conducts workshops, edits, and tutors. She has taught basic composition and fiction writing for over ten years through the Assabet After Dark program in Marlborough. Glenda is a member of the International Women's Writing Guild and teaches at the Guild's annual conference. She is also a member of Sisters in Crime. A graduate of the Famous Writers School, Clark University, and the 2001 Maui Writer's Retreat, Glenda was the first place winner in the 1995 Writer's World Fiction Contest, has placed in the top 100 personal essays and in the top 100 short stories in Writer's Digest Competitions. She was second place winner in the 2003 Worcester Magazine Short Story Contest and has been a judge for that contest.

General Meeting

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Ed McManus has written books, humor, commentary, and a comedy newsletter called The Jokesmith. His work has appeared in Reader's Digest, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Metrowest Daily, The Boston Globe, and The New York Times. His new book, The Nana in the Chair and the Tales She Told, is about the author's Irish grandmother and her stories of magic lamps, leprechauns, and banshees.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Marketing and Promotion

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Freelancer Barbara Donohue shared tips about marketing and promoting a freelance word-working business, learned at the 2005 Editorial Freelancers Association conference in October. She entertained our questions and ideas to contribute to the discussion. Barbara writes for companies that need technical or other complex material turned into understandable English. She also covers food, business, and a variety of other topics for newspapers and trade magazines.

Financial planning for real people

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Kathy Dollard is a Certified Financial Planner(TM) practitioner and founder of Nashoba Financial Planning in Boxborough, MA. She has been helping “real people” prepare for financial independence since 1999. As a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor, NFP provides comprehensive, independent, Fee-Only financial planning and investment advice. Kathy is a graduate of Boston University’s Program for Financial Planners. She also holds an MBA from Boston College and a BA in Economics from St. Lawrence University. "Financial Planning for Real People" – Real People must someday achieve financial independence. Real People are not investment portfolios; they need more than investment advice. Real People need comprehensive, holistic advice that takes into account their life cycle position, the fact that their house is often their largest asset, and that taxes are often their largest expense. Learn more about this unique approach to personal financial planning.

Piloting Your Career: Being at the controls instead of winging it

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Larry Linden has over 20 years' experience as a career consultant. His presentation focused on career transition, résumé writing, answering tough interview questions, networking, job search strategies, and self-marketing for success.

Editing Yourself: Building a New Career as a Freelance Editor

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Guest speaker Catherine Owens worked for 15 years in increasingly senior positions as a software project manager and business consultant. When her division was closed in 2002, she found herself staring at a depressed job market like a deer in the headlights. By going where the work was she developed a career as a full time independent contractor, and doubts that she will ever return to her former life. Catherine currently contracts as a technical editor for one client, and in her spare time does other freelance writing and editing work. She spoke about the joys and pitfalls of evolving from a full-time employee to a full-time freelancer, and provide tips on finding, getting, and keeping work as an editor and writer.

Writing Resumes

Friday, April 1, 2005

Carol Nason, professional résumé writer, gave us tips on writing an effective résumé and, time permitting, will look at résumés if people choose to bring them. We will have ample time for Q&A as well as networking.

General Meeting

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Nan Fritz is founder and chairperson of nSight, Inc.—formerly Editorial Services of New England (ESNE). She spearheaded the formation of nSight's new Publishing Services division, and now spends her time overseeing its strategic direction and business operation. She began her career in communications at the US Department of State after earning BA and MA degrees in International Relations with a specialty in journalism. After her government work, Nan held staff positions at the University of Southern California, UCLA Press, and Davis Design before moving to the East Coast. She founded ESNE in 1982 after market research indicated a need for a firm committed to top quality in publications, especially writing and editing. She is an active presenter and participant in professional organizations, including the Society for Technical Communication, where she is an Associate Fellow and was recently president of the Boston Chapter, and Bookbuilders, where she is co-chair of the Endowment Fund.

General Meeting

Saturday, December 4, 2004

We shared job leads, exchanged business cards, practiced one-minute elevator pitches, and met other freelancers.

Working in Technical Publishing: Challenges and Opportunities

Saturday, October 2, 2004

Tim Rosa is the founder and president of Tim Rosa Associates, Newton, MA (www.trassoc.com). Tim has over 20 years of experience in technical publishing. He learned the business by developing documentation and training solutions in the computer hardware, computer software, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. Since founding Tim Rosa Associates in 1991, his company has developed premium, award-winning content that demonstrates a clear commitment to excellence. Tim Rosa Associates works effectively with both start-ups and the Fortune 500 worldwide. The company uses a field-tested approach to content development, based on hundreds of successfully completed projects, that guides each phase of the development process. Tim holds a Bachelor's degree in history, summa cum laude, from Trinity College (CT), and a certificate from the Publishing Procedures Course at Radcliffe College (Harvard).

General Meeting

Saturday, August 7, 2004

Speaker Mary Anker is Vice President of Anker Publishing, an independent publisher of professional books, periodicals, and other information media. Established in 1990, Anker Publishing Company, Inc. is incorporated in Massachusetts and is located in the town of Bolton, a western suburb of Boston.

Create Your Own Marketing Brochure

Thursday, June 3, 2004

Working together, we developed marketing brochures to promote our freelance businesses.

Holiday Party

Wednesday, December 31, 1969

Join colleagues for a potluck holiday party to celebrate the year's successes and plan to meet the new year's challenges. Polish your new year's resolutions and get encouragement from your fellow editorial professionals. To RSVP, contact chapter coordinator Ruth E. Thaler-Carter at chap_rochester@the-efa.org or (585) 248-8464. EFA-Rochester will provide drinks and desserts.

Networking Meeting

Wednesday, December 31, 1969

This will be a networking meeting and an opportunity to suggest guest speakers for future meetings.

Summer Writing Workshops

Wednesday, December 31, 1969

Serena Howlett is a freelance editor with a professional background as a lawyer and health policy writer. On a chilly January morning she will take publishing group members and guests on a coast-to-coast tour of summer writing workshops in beautiful locations with prize-winning faculty and aspiring writers in various genres, all guaranteed to be memorable experiences. Following the workshop tour, there will be a discussion about the benefits of sharing rough drafts and story ideas and working with an editor.


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